The Defense Veteran Shooting Association Famenne welcomes you on stands A2 and A4 at Camp Roi Albert in Marche-en-Famenne on Saturdays and Sundays. Consult the agenda before traveling.

As the DVSAF is located within the confines of the military camp, its access is subject to authorization. The first contact is made at the guardhouse (main gate) where an identity check will take place. Always bring your access badge and official documents related to the possession and transport of your weapons.

To register on this website, follow these instructions

From Sunday May 2, 2021, a SIUS will occasionally be replaced by a GONG.

You will find on the reservations page the dates on which a gong is available.

It is necessary, via the reservation form, to reserve the right firing line to access it.

Don't abuse reservations to give everyone a chance. Thank you.

!!! Registrations for the year 2021 are closed !!!