The Defense Veteran Shooting Association Famenne welcomes you on stands A2 and A4 from the Camp Roi Albert at Marche-en-Famenne on sathursdays et sundays. See the agenda before visit us.

The DVSAF is situated on a military camp, so its accessis granted. The first contact is the main entrance where your identity will be checked. Do not forget your access card and the legal documents needed to transport your weapons.

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Suite à la décision de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles liée à la situation sanitaire, nos stands de tirs resteront fermés jusqu’au 07/03/2021 au moins. Nous vous tiendrons informés de la suite. 

Na de beslissing van de Federatie Wallonië-Brussel in verband met de gezondheidstoestand blijven onze schietstanden gesloten tot minstens 07/03/2021. We houden u op de hoogte van de uitkomst. 

Nach der Entscheidung der Föderation Wallonie-Brüssel im Zusammenhang mit der Gesundheitssituation bleiben unsere Schießstände mindestens bis zum 07/03/2021 geschlossen. Wir werden Sie über das Ergebnis auf dem Laufenden halten. 

Following the decision of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation linked to the health situation, our shooting stands will remain closed until at least 07/03/2021. We will keep you informed of the outcome. 

End of new member registrations for 2020.

Due to the standards required by Covid 19 and the large number of members awaiting PESA training,

it was decided not to accept any more new members for this year 2020.