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about your registration on this site:

You will of course have to register on this site. From there, you will have access to information intended only for effective members, daily management service staff, fire marshals and directors and administrators.


The way of proceeding is simple.

1. At the top right of the site is a len "Log In" which serves as much

for the first registration than the following connections.


Initially, the option chosen by the site is the one to register. It is this window that you must use the first time to request your registration as a member of the site.


Becoming a member of the site is independent of registration as a member of the DVSAF and does not relieve you of the formalities required for your DVSAF registration.


Once you become a member of the site, you will have to wait until an administrator validates your registration request.


Afterwards, you can connect to the site by clicking on "Connection"


In both cases (registration or connection), you can opt for

  • using Google+ (gmail email address) [* 1]

  • or for another address [* 2]

Once logged in, your username appears in instead of "Log In".

You can now access your personal settings, change the language of the interface and access the member area as well as several pages that were previously inaccessible.

Note that access to certain pages is subject to membership in one or the other group, which requires encoding by our secretary. A little patience, then.

The entire DVSAF team welcomes you to this site.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a button

allowing you to contact the Webmaster.


Only registered members in good standing for the current year can register on this website.

There is no need to apply if you are not in good standing.

Here is how to proceed ...

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