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From this day, it is no longer necessary to reserve your passage!

New Covid DVSAF operating guidelines

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Dear DVSAF members,

The pandemic situation is improving considerably and allows us to return to a mode of
more or less normal operation.

Following the consultation committee on June 4, we can tell you that from this WE, Saturday June 12, it is no longer necessary to book your shooting session, reservations already made are canceled .

So this is a return to our pre-COVID mode of operation for shooting activities. You can
so come at your leisure on our A2 and A4 / A4bis stands according to the opening schedule of the shooting ranges.

There is no more reception in the car park or accompaniment to the clubhouse or the shooting ranges.

The “COVID” administrative counter at the clubhouse window has been removed.

As in the past the open shooter and personally closes its ShootLog sitting inside the clubhouse and made compulsory enrollment in the police notebook on the shooting range. He does not forget to pay the targets or the SIUS session (with receipt of a ticket valid for this session).

However, we still have to wait a bit for a return to normal in terms of (social) life at the club house, our cafeteria only operates outside and in reduced mode.

Until further notice, the following sanitary measures apply throughout our infrastructure:

- Compliance with barrier gestures and the applicable COVID protocol (posted at the clubhouse).

- Wearing a mask remains compulsory.

- Respect for social distancing.

- The gathering is limited to a maximum of 10 people.

- Hand disinfection upon arrival at the clubhouse.

- When you arrive at the clubhouse, you are invited to personally badge yourself with the ShootLog. For this
make you enter ALONE and disinfect your hands before touching the Shootlog screen. A gel
disinfectant will be made available next to the ShootLog.

- Access to the club house is limited to ONE person at a time apart from the service staff, and this
only to log in or log out of the ShootLog, to buy a target or to pay for the SIUS session.

- You will be able to take a drink from the drinks machine, but it must be consumed on the terrace.

- The terrace is accessible with the standard of maximum FOUR people per table.

- On the A2 stand (400m, with plexiglass partitions) the shooting lines are limited to 6 shooters and the director of
shooting (no visitors or spectators). The fencers on standby remain outside a few meters away and enter only after authorization from the shooting director.

- On the A4 / A4bis stand the shooting line is limited to 5 shooters with a minimum of 1.5 meters between each shooter.
Stand-by shooters stay 10 meters behind the shooting line.

- The police shooting registers will again be set up on the A2 and A4 / A4bis shooting ranges.

You are kindly requested to bring your own ballpoint pen to complete the police firing record.

In order to allow a resumption of our activities in relaxed mode, without risk and in the right atmosphere, we
ask you to scrupulously respect the above guidelines.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you again.

For the OA of DVSAF
President DVSAF

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